Sensor of rotor position - further only sensor

Type designation:S0..(+ 1 number and one mark)


Description of sensor assembly:

It is concerned the electric appliance, which contains:
  • support for mechanical fixation of magnetically conducting material
  • magnetically conducting core, on which is put the sensor coil. The core extrudes on one side and creates the pole adapter
  • permanent magnet, which is by one pole conductive connected with the support and by second pole with the coil core
  • electrical output with connector
The whole sensor assembly is splashed into the plastic.

Functional description sensor:

he princip is based upon the magnetoelectric induction. Through the swift motion of the magneticall conducting material e.g. iron (Fe) near the pole output of coil core rises the change of the magnetic flow. The magnetic flow is closed from the magnet through coil core over the leak into the support on the second magnet pole. Magnetic flow carrying through the core induces in the coil windings the electrical impuls of both polarities. In the ignition set rotates the stump on the alternator rotor in the spacing cca 0,5 mm above pole of sensor core. The induced electrical impuls of the sensor is reduced on the input of electronic ignition coil or digital control unit of ignition, where it is regulated and formed. Basically the sensor ensures the information about the angular position of the crankshaft and synchronizes the electric spark on the spark plugs with the crankshaft revolution and piston position.

Using and disposal of sensors:

Sensor is constructed universal, to comply with its construction in all varieties of VAPE ignition sets with external sensing. It shares according to the type of connector on the output and magnetical polarity on core pole. The electric resistance of sensor coil is approximately 210 ohm. It is measured between the tag and sensor support.

The sensor support has to be electrically connected with the support of ignition coil or with earthe-wire of digital control unit of ignition on the vehicle.

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