Control units

Digital control unit , further only control unit

Type designation: RJ.. (plus 2 numbers)

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Functional description of control unit:

It is a digital memory control system, which controls the value of the preignition of the gas mixture depending on the engine rpm . It is concerned a modification of the angular value < fi before the TDC of the engine crankshaft according to the predefined characteristics. Into one control unit it is possible to pre-set also more characteristics , by request of the customer, eventually to control the preignition by yet another parameter, than the engine rpm. E.g. by means of the dependance on the cold and hot engine or the dependance on the value of the underpressure in the suction tube etc.

Digital units works in the electric connection with various VAPE ignition systems .

Disposal of control units

  1. According to control signal mode/type
    • The control signal is reduced from the sensor (so-called external sensing). The sensor is placed in the place above the perimeter of rotor of alternator. On the rotor is a metal stump , which rotates nearly sensor and induces the electric voltage in it .
    • The control signal is reduced into the control unit directly from the synchronizing coils of the stator of alternator (so-called internal sensing). This mode does not require external sensors .
  2. According to ignition type
    • battery (inductive)
    • condenser- (capacitive)
  3. According to power supply
    • from the battery circuit
    • independent /power/ supply (autonomic)
  4. According to range of working speed/ engine rpm
    • 60 till 10 000 min -1
    • 100 till 15 000 min -1
    • 300 till 24 000 min -1

se zapalováním VAPE motor skvěle šlape

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