The company VAPE spol. s r.o. was founded in 1991. The business was begun in the rented rooms in Těšňovice,  where the production  started with 8 employees. Since the foundation of the company was the main subject of enterprice the development, production and sales of the ignitions, alternators and regulators for motorcycles and other spark ignition engines. In 1999 the company moved in bigger rooms in Kroměříž on Hulínská Street. During the years was the production extended and these rooms were capacitive and also concerning the facilities substandard. The situation was solved by purchase of own, considerably devastated industrial object on the Bílanská Street in Kroměříž. The purchase of this object in April 2004 signified a big positive break for the further grow of the company. The area and architectonical allocation of the several buildings and also rooms promised for the object a good future. In every year then there were made continuous expressive reconstructions and modernizations of the object. Since the 2006 there were built two new modern buildings. At this time is the object on the very good level, comparable with the European trend.

  The company still deals with the development, production and sales of the ignitions systems, digital control units,alternators, regulators and other equipments with the using for motorcycles, watercraft, snowmobiles and other spark ignition engines. 


The firm ranks in the Czech republic the prime position in the production of the electro equipment for motorcycles, watercraft and snowmobiles, supplies in to the basic industry and for many services. VAPE products are exported in several European countries eg. Germany, Spain, Austria, Swiss and others.









 The company has her own specific survey, which needs a range of professional occupations, like e.g. machine cutting, moulding, sheet metal stamping, coil winding, shouldering of printed circuits with SMD components, mechanical assembly, further assembly of electronic equipment and alternators.  The firm is furnished with modern CNC machines for metal working, stamping of plast components, laser description. Further with big slewing cran for manipulation of the  metallurgic material and CNC sawing machine.











   The advantage of the company is the own development of all products and  cover of all administrative working in business, economy and management. The policy and strategy of the company is to provide to customers quality produced and professionally delivered product, by the continuous product innovation concerning to achievement higher engine power.

 Since the 2008 has the VAPE company established system of quality management BS EN ISO 9001:2008, which improves the quality of the management system and warrants the product quality.

 Through her activity created the compan a good name ont European market ind in the world. Only few companies offer such spectrum of unified products, which could be adapt for hundreds vehicle types of several brands. The continual objective is the maximum content of customers, development, construction, production flexibility, satisfaction also smaller orders and exploitation of modern technology.


se zapalováním VAPE motor skvěle šlape

Vývoj, výroba a prodej elektropříslušenství motorových vozidel


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