Voltage regulators

Voltage regulators, further only Regulators

Type designation: R..(plus 2 numbers)

regulátory napětí

Functional description of voltage regulator:

The voltage regulator is a electronic equipment, which regulates the electric voltage generated by the alternator or dynamo at range from 14V to 14,4V for voltage rating board net 12V and from 7 to 7,2V for voltage rating board net 6V

Regulated voltage in the mentioned range provides the correct function of battery and protection of appliances befor destruction. The precondition of the correct function is, that it mustn´t come about the electric power overloading of regulator. E.g.: Regulator has max. el. power 200W. It means, the power of alternator must be Palt <= 200W. Further the sum of the electric input of the appliances in the board net mustn´t be greater than 200W.

By overloading it could come about the destruction of the regulator or battery discharge and destruction.

RRegulator for the alternating voltage ensures average value of voltage in the mentioned range. It means, that e.g. with the oscilloscope measured voltage varies periodically to the higher values than the rated value is. E.g. +- 20V to 30V. Average value ensures again, that the appliances type the el. bulb will be not destroy. It holds there also the rule, that the sum of el. input of the appliances must be Ps[w] Ł= Preg[W]. It means, that the regulator must be chosen according to rated voltage [V] and max. electric input [W].


Rectifier It consist of the power diodes filed into the rectifier bridge (full wave) or set (half-wave). It rectifies the alternating el.current from the alternator. On the output from the rectifier is already pulse direct current, whose wave dwindles through the attached battery.

Disposal of regulators

  1. According to the content of units in one cover
    • only voltage regulator
    • voltage regulator incl.rectifier of the el.current
    • combined regulator for alternating el. voltage and direct el. voltage with rectifier
  2. According to the rated voltage in board net and form of voltage
    • rated voltage 6V or 12V
    • alternating or direct voltage
  3. According to the electric power output (loading) of regulator

Important warning !
By the connection of the regulator into the electric net it mustn´t come about the replacement between + and - battery. It comes so about the destruction of the regulator.

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