Ignition coils with integrated electric switch

Elektronic switches

Type designation:Z.. (plus 2 figures)

Description of ES:

It is concerned a electronic equipment, which contains two basic parts:
  • electronic shaping network of the control signal with the power output el. circuit for the excitation of the primary coil of ignition transformer.
  • ignition transformer with the electromagnetic core generating high electric voltage for the spark plug.

The assembly is compound insulated with the resin into the plastic box.

We discern two kinds of ignition according to functional principle:
  • Condenser- (capacitive) ignition, whereof the control signal of the sensor or sensing stator coil, controls/regulates the discharge of the accumulated electric energy from the condensator into the primary winding of the ignition transformer. The condensator is loading with the induced electric energy from the charging coil of alternator stator. Further will be indicate from the primary winding of the ignition transformer the high voltage into the secondary winding.
  • Battery- (inductive) ignition will be supplied with the electric current pure from the battery. The control signal has some another character, than condenser ignition. It requires a defined width/length of signal depending on the engine rpm, approaching to the constant.
The high voltage in the secondary winding of the ignition transformer will be obtained with the steep break of the electric current flow into the primary winding.

Connection ES

On the ES will be supply:
  • Control electric signal pass of the stator (internal sensing) fail of the sensor (external sensing)
  • Supply electric current. In the condenser systems from the black charging coil of stator. In the battery systems through the ignition box from the battery.
  • Grounding (earthing) electric current. ES must be always grounded, connected conductive to frame of the vehicle. It is concerned the second pole of power supply and high voltage.

Attention!!! It is non-permissible the incorrect electric connection, especially at battery ES. It can come about the destruction of the equipment.

Disposal ES according to using in the sets

  1. According to the number of cylinders
    • single high voltage output
    • twin high voltage output
  2. According to the power supply
    • battery (inductive), it works in set with sensor and speciall rotary stump or with digital control unit
    • condenser (capacitive), it works already in connection with alternator VAPE. Some sets works without power supply from battery. It is necessary to assemble the set according to another technical parameters of the alternator. Every type ES coordinates with corresponding.

se zapalováním VAPE motor skvěle šlape

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