The alternator assembly  consists of  rotor and stator. It produces electric current for power supply for igniton and electrical appliances on the vehicle.

Voltage regulators

Voltage regulators  regulates electric voltage from the alternator so, that it could not come

to the damage of the electrical appliances, eventually battery overcharge.

Ignition coils

We are producing also ignition coils to the condenser sets.

Utilization for one- or two-cylinder engines.

Ignition coils with integrated electric switch

They contains high-voltage transformator and electronical control circuit  with switch.

They produces  high-voltage impulses for mixture ignition in the engine cylinder.


Sensor is a  magnetoelectrical appliance, which  picks-up the position of the rotor. It produces synchronizing electrical impuls for control of the switches and control unites.

Digital control unit

Digital control unit is a digital memory  system , which controls the value of advance ignition   of  gas mixture in engine.

Stator carriers

Aluminium  stator carriers enables fixation of alternator stator on the engine block. It creates

only reducing element for mechanical mounting.

Cable kits

Firm VAPE is producing unless standard cable kits also reducing cable kits for connection to some appliances for diverse motorcycle types.

Ignition sets

VAPE offers the recommended standard ignition sets for motorcycles of some brands. Older as well as newer design.


se zapalováním VAPE motor skvěle šlape

Vývoj, výroba a prodej elektropříslušenství motorových vozidel


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