Our advantages

Technical department:

     The company VAPE spol. s r. o. disposes of self development workplace. The developers are invested with longtime skills in the branch and are able to develop or adapt our products to the wishes and demands of the customers. They can adapt our products for a whole number of diverse brands, for them the spare parts no more exists.

     The developed products underlies the regular constructional and technological processing which is considered by major criteria:

  • product unification, modular system, which provides the production profitability and competitive prices
  • technological procedures by the production have to provide a low work difficulty as the molded parts, that assures a higher quality and exactness of the dimensions compared to cutting. Also it opresses less the living enviroment.


     After the practical skills we are aware, that the precondition of a good and quality production begins still in the simplicity of the system of the constructional and technological solution. Into the production can only reach such solutions , which largely excepts the influence of the humen element on the achievement and quality . These knowledges are not strange for us and together with the utilization of the modern technology , especially in the area of coil winding, production ní of the electronical equipment with the SMD technology and other methods, we achieve good results in quality, technical parameters and profitability.

Quality assurance:

     The good product quality begins already in the high-quality technical preparing in the using of the chosen and suitable materials, assurance of quality suppliers for the cooperative parts. These sentences sound as a phrases, but the consequent abidance by these rules has a major influence on the product quality.

     For the assurance of a good production organization in the company we use a modern information system. It deeply connected with the quality assurance of the products and helps effectively monitor the quality.

     In the company is a matter of course the 100% operation test by all these products. Majority of products will pass trough this operation test twice. Once before completion and second before despatch. By chosen products of the series we execute type and lifetime tests.


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